SIGNS (Drama) TV Series

SIGNS brings a unique new vision in the tradition of U.S Dramas, introducing a ferocious battle for world markets and power between two competing companies in a world which is in economical crisis at the edge of globalization. SIGNS is not just another corporate drama thriller, SIGNS will drive and lead viewers to see a fresh look at the business world where greed, power, money and Astrology are not the only factors at play.

ANGEL OF BROTHELS (Docu-Drama) Feature Length

Millions of innocent humans are sold for sex slavery, each victim, on average, is raped over 27 times, most of them are sold afterwards for organ trafficking. These are facts of modern day slavery. ANGEL OF BROTHELS is a feature length docu-drama with nail biting reality as one man risks his life while rescuing victims of sex slavery, combined with heart wrenching drama. Stories of victims based on true events.

Experience never before seen hidden camera footage of real life rescues, content from an insider’s perspective showing how victims are sold similar to livestock. Witness interviews with former sex slaves and learn about what our governments are doing to tackle this epidemic.


HUNTER FORCE (Reality) TV Series
This action packed, never seen before style of game/competition places civilians up against special ops teams.  Everyone has always dreamt of taking on a SWAT team, or getting away with a million dollar heist.  Here is the chance for adrenaline junkies to live out their dreams, test their physical and mental abilities and most importantly, try and stay strong as a team. 


Two rogue mortgage brokers (an ex-MMA fighter and manager) intervene in foreclosures on behalf of desperate clients and attempt to strong-arm lenders into a deal.  Along the way they use every dirty trick they know, sifting through lies from lenders and clients -- discovering such strange debts as a city lien for the illegal slaughter of a cow on a highway --  but always getting at the truth behind the evictions.  Despite such weird circumstances as a man living with a horse, an Austrian Baron with a vendetta against a restaurant mogul, and a Vietnam vet who wrestles with bouts of selective amnesia, the Back-alley Brokers manage to keep families together and in their homes.  Not all, but most.

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